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All The Light We Cannot See (Review)

Reviews from the  goodreads made me all excited waiting for the this book. Due to location issues, I have to buy all my books online. This is a bit of an old piece and the author has a some name, I must say.

I love the settings of the story, and as to how it was slowly unraveled to the readers. The characters were all made wonderfully attached to one another. Like the insane great uncle wouldn’t exist without the madam –  the keeper of the house, and the father would be a useless character until he successfully turn over Marie to her uncle. The story inside the story is a bit of a weak interruption of the main idea of the novel.

I was just a bit disappointed not because it wasn’t well written but because somehow, I want more of the characters, of the main story, the war details. I started reading the book and got excited for the “The War of Persia” but actually finish it with “The Little Mermaid” thoughts.

Well, all in all, I like how the books was written in a very simple language that made it easier for me to digest new settings and the turn events. It made me like I belong to the story, I was part of it, it made me walk with the characters. At the end of the book, I was like I woke up from a dream of adventure.

In my own taste I would give the book a 7.5. Bookworms might wonder why its too low. I rate a book depending on how long it wants me to keep on reading and skip a bit of a nights sleep. This book never ask me for a sleepover, just a day tour. I can comeback anytime without feeling the loss of the time.



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